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Welcome to Hinchley Wood Lodge

 History of our Lodge

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Hinchley Wood Lodge 5809
The Lodge was consecrated by R. W. Lt. Col. H. A. Mann, OBE, MC, the Provincial Grand Master.
The idea of founding a Lodge was conceived in 1937 by several Brethren residing in Hinchley Wood area. Between 1939 and 1943, three of the original 18 petitioners had either died or withdrawn, however, another group of Masons in Hinchley Wood area had also made an approach to Provicial Grand Lodge to form a Lodge. With advice from Province and with the approval of Grand Lodge, a supplemental petition with 13 Brethren was combined with the original and enabled the consecration to proceed in 1943 with 28 petitioners. It appears that the two groups of petitioners were formed largely of members of Hinchley Wood Home Guard and Surbiton Golf Club.
The original plan to hold the consecration 2nd October 1939 but, following the declaration of war on 3rd September, Grand Lodge suspended Masonic activities. By the time Masonic activity was resumed it was more than three years later before circumstances permitted the consecration to proceed. The Lodge was consecrated on Thursday 22nd July 1943.
The warrant date is dated 7th June 1939.
The first Master was W.Bro. H. F. Brooks, LGR.